Online Gambling in Canada

As a result, today the gambling industry is the largest source of profit for the entertainment sector and an important part of the country’s restaurant and hotel industry. But, despite its obvious popularity and economic importance, gambling was not always in favorable conditions in the territory of a friendly United States neighbor.

Gambling in Canada


The position of gambling was not advantageous when Canada became part of the Commonwealth of Nations. In 1982, the Criminal Code completely banned all forms of gambling, with the exception of equestrian sports. Over time, additional exceptions were introduced. And gradually, individual provinces gained the right to organize their own state lotteries.

In 1985, the legislation was amended. One of the most important changes was that institutions licensed to the provinces were allowed to offer computerized slots and other gambling. This provincial gambling regulatory approach has created some inconsistencies in Canadian gambling legislation, in connection with which the legal status of bets on certain games and events may vary by province. For example, the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador are still opposed to the revival of the casino industry.

The legality of online gambling is an even more complicated question. The current Criminal Code still prohibits online operators from accepting bids or creating platforms to place them if they do not have a state license. However, there is no law that would prohibit users from bidding. This means that millions of Canadian citizens can play in international online casinos or on betting sites, while practically without risking to be brought to justice.

Popular Markets

Like most Western players, Canadians prefer the usual combination of traditional gambling, including blackjack, slots and roulette. Most popular is CasinoOnlineCA. Players can play online and no need to visit real casinos. Is is a very big plus for gambling.

Many also began to get involved in poker, which came to Canada from the United States. Over the past few years, several professional poker players have appeared in the country, including WSOP winners (the annual poker tournament), Daniel Negreanu and Jonathan Duhamel.

Canada also has many Canadian Football League fans who are starting to offer online sportsbooks, including bet365.


Despite the fact that the Canadian Football League and sports such as lacrosse attract an impressive amount of spectators every week, Canadian players do not like anything as much as hockey. The Stanley Cup competition annually brings in millions of dollars at stake. The most popular object of betting on hockey, of course, is the National Hockey League, which for the period of the competition brings together 23 American and seven Canadian teams. Among online bookmakers there are many companies offering to bet on the National Hockey League, for example Paddy Power.

National Hockey League

The future of gambling in Canada

At the time of this writing, bets on individual sporting events were illegal in Canada. Players must bet at least three different games at a time. This old law has not changed over time. A recent study of the characteristics of gambling in Las Vegas showed that 92% of all sports betting there was put on individual events. Although this form of land-based rates is still illegal, this did not prevent gambling websites from bidding on individual events online, leading to the need to amend this law.

It seems that the answer to this question is the controversial bill C-290, which is now being considered in the Canadian Senate. If adopted, he will legitimize bets on selected sporting events in Canada. Although it is opposed by some politicians and sports leagues. If the laws do not change, Canadians will have to use the services of an online casino or go to Las Vegas.

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