Our story

… The Fairytale of Colour Me Crazy …

Once upon a time the Princess of Creativity decided to build a Little castle down a dusty lane in a small town called Proserpine.

There was much deliberation and consternation over this new castles name, with much wine being depended on for inspiration. When the bottle finally hit home Colour Me Crazy was born.

A guy called Prince Richard created an amazing collection of clocks and mirrors, taking some inspiration from “The Cat in the Hat” of Dr Zuss fame. Meanwhile Princess Robbie toiled and foiled and feathered pressies galore back at the castle. At night she cooked up all the lotions and potions for the Horny Housewife Condiment Company.

She worked hard and her little castle grew in fame and wonder, all the village people spread the word and the little Castle grew to be “The Jewel and Pressie Palace of ProsVegas”. Princess Robbie could not keep up with all the work, help was needed, so fairy helpers answered the call.

Princess Robbie and her fairies had to work and then work some more, a big Castle had moved into land and had stolen some magic from the Kingdom. To keep her Little Castle all sparkly and special Princess Robbie and Princess Stacey now travel to places far far away to find all things nice for the little shop down the Lane.

The little castle now has fairies galore and maybe is not so little any more; one thing for sure is all who visit are treated like real princesses with smiles and cheer so nice to feel. A place to be in awe and wonder where you can forget the recession and the depression and try the jewels and sparkle so bright, the clothes that will fit oh just so right.

It’s been 27 years from when it all began – Robbie, Stacey, Tristin, Di, Chrissy & Sharron are still living happily ever after down a little Lane at Colour Me Crazy – where it’s all about Rainbows and Lollipops in Proserpine. The fairy tale continues, so please come in and be part of the next chapter.